Brewski Salmineo and Friends at the Starlight, Terlingua, Tx.

Last night (2/15/13) Bruce Salmon brought a crew of top hands from Austin to the Starlight for a night of eclectic music.

On Bass:  Brad Houser, who plays with Patrice Pike, the Dead Kenny Gs, and was in the New Bohemians.

On Drums:  Dony Wynn, whose “other” gig is playing in Robert Plant’s band.  He’s played with Brooks and Dunn, Robert Palmer, and Knuckle Yummy – and a LOT of other bands you’ve loved.

On Violin – the Berklee trained Michelle Alany.  I’m not familiar with her background, but when she started rocking her violin in F#, I knew she was a talent to be reckoned with.

Michelle Alany

Terlingua Music, Starlight Theatre, Dony Wynn
Michelle, Bruce, Brad, Dony




terlingua music, terlingua, starlight theater, starlight theatre


terlingua music, terlingua, starlight theatre

One Reply to “Brewski Salmineo and Friends at the Starlight, Terlingua, Tx.”

  1. Wow! Thanks soo much for posting these…this is Pat?! So cool.
    …just stumbled onto this page looking for a youtube with bruce, patrice pike, and John Bush doin´a tune i wrote–
    Just had a chance to perform it last night in Vienna at a lovely cool jazz and blues club called Reigen. I miss you all in the desert and very much hoping to be back soon.

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